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Trianon Palace

Blackstone Group

The brief: To create a high-quality coffee table book to showcase The Trianon Palace, Versailles. The hotel is part of The Blackstone Group’s million pound investment portfolio.


The solution: In order to create a beautiful case-bound book, redcow commissioned renowned architectural photographer, Ed Hill to capture the hotel, set in the heart of the French town next to the Palace of Versailles and its beautiful gardens. The result was a library of stunning shots to set the scene and tell the story of the hotel.

The brochure is in an over-sized, square format to create an individual piece that is hard to ignore as a presence on any table, with textured cover and watermarked imagery of the front of the hotel enticing the viewer to the story within. The copy, crafted by copywriter, Tony Cooke begins by talking of the hotel’s illustrious past including the plaque marking the location of where the treaty of Versailles was signed. The additional copy throughout is minimal as the full page and double page spread photography does the talking.

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